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Fees & Accommodation

Registration fees for our five day residential courses

Our courses have a registration fee payable of 175 per course.  However, a discount of 100 can be offered if students register for all three core residential courses taking place during the academic year 2016/2017.

Accommodation for our five day residential courses 

A modest fee of 150 is charged for single en-suite accommodation.  This covers bed and breakfast from Monday to Thursday (inclusive) on site at the location of the course. 

*Please note:  we are unable to offer en-suite accommodation at Loughborough University for the simulation course, ony standard rooms are available with shared facilities.*

If additional accommodation is required at any of our courses, either for the Sunday night preceding the course, or for the Friday night following the course, this will need to be arranged personally with the Accommodations Office at the host university.  This is also the case if a double room is required.  Any extra costs incurred will need to be settled personally.

Food will be provided on the first evening and a course dinner will be held one evening during the week, normally Wednesday or Thursday. However, the cost of all other meals will be met by the student themselves. Lunch will NOT be provided. 


To help with travel plans, our courses run from lunchtime on the Monday and finish at a similar time on the Friday.

Cancellation Policy

Other than in exceptional circumstances, we are unable to issue refunds for cancellations received less than one calendar month prior to the course. Cancellations must be received in writing; via email.

EURO Support for NATCOR Bursaries

Once per year EURO will advertise a competition for bursaries; the NATCOR course fees and accommodation (typically bed and breakfast) will be funded by EURO for successful candidates.  For further details, please refer to the EURO website