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Assessment on NATCOR Courses

Assessment on NATCOR Courses Running in 2012 and Beyond

The EPSRC has asked all Taught Course Centres, of which NATCOR is one, to help individual academic departments to assess their studentsí performance on their courses. With this in mind, NATCOR will be implementing the following assessment regime from 2012 onwards:

  1. All students who attend a NATCOR course will be required to undergo a (relatively light) summative assessment exercise. This will normally take the form of a multiple-choice test, though exceptions may be permitted in some cases.

  2. A mark or grade will be computed, for each student, by the end of each NATCOR course. We suggest a pass mark of 40%, but please note that NATCOR itself does not pass or fail students.

  3. After the course has finished, departments will receive, on request, the marks or grades for their students. In addition, departments will be given, on request, the assignments themselves (test, exam, project, or whatever), along with the associated model solution(s) and/or marking scheme(s).

  4. Any departments who specifically request it will be sent a slightly more demanding and/or time-consuming summative assessment exercise, along with its marking scheme. The exact nature of this assessment (format of examination or software project etc.) will be decided by individual course providers.