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Pre Reading Material

Hard copies of lecture documents will not be given out.

Paresh Date (All students)

These lecture documents are identical the first section of the pre-reading.

Sergio Garcia Quiles (Modelling Stream)

The first of these lecture documents is identical the second section of the pre-reading.

Jacek Gondzio

Julian Hall

  • All students: Linear Programming (Part I)
  • Theoretical Stream: Structure and Matrix Sparsity (Part I)
  • Theoretical Stream: Structure and Matrix Sparsity (Part II)

Michael Ferris

  • All students: Optimality conditions and complementarity, Nash equilibria and games, engineering and economic application
  • Theoretical Stream: Optimization and Equilibrium in Energy Economics
  • Workshop: Fish, Cows, Fields of Fuel and Optimization

Adam Ouorou

  • Optimization problems in telecommunications